Your cub’s childhood got comfier, cuter and more colourful.

From fabric sourcing to product design, our design approach revolves around creating items that your child loves. When you see your cub wearing Cuddles for Cubs, we want you to know that quality, comfort, cuteness are guaranteed.

We celebrate your "little" moments

We've created highly attractive, versatile, and comfortable products for you. What started off as comfy sleepwear, has evolved into ADORABLE, EVERYDAY clothing that your little cub can wear anytime.

Timeless designs and durable products

All our clothes are timeless and durable, so you can always save them for a younger cub. You generate less waste and teach your little one the value of giving and sharing.

Meet our mascot - Coco!

We first met Coco snoring peacefully at a space station in dreamland. Just like your cub, Coco is inquisitive, playful, happy and cuddly. Special powers allow Coco to remain adorable forever. Coco serves as a constant reminder to cherish the simple moments in this precious phase of parenthood, because before you know it your little cub will have grown up!

Meet our founders

The quibbling siblings

Anushka Jhawar

Anushka Jhawar

Chocolate maniac | Yoga lover | Tea-holic

  • Graduate of London Business School & Babson College.
  • Super passionate about high quality kids’ clothing and education.
  • Constantly irritated by her geeky brother’s playful taunts, but admires his talent of understanding customer needs.
Arjun Doshi

Arjun Doshi

History-nerd | Shutterbug | Data-junkie

  • Graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Passionate about taking fast-growing apparel brands to new heights.
  • Hates his sister’s tendency to steal his spot on the dining table, but in awe of her interpersonal skills, especially with their customers.