Top & Shorts Set For Boys & Girls


The happiest children are those that are colourful; their smiles and laughter brighten their days and spread that happiness to everyone in their vicinity. Childhood is unquestionably the best stage of life, therefore provide it to your child in the fullest sense possible, filled with adventures and lessons. Children have boundless energy and a constant desire to be outside; don't stop them from playing; let them run around, laugh, and live. Comfortable attire and pleasant company are the foundation of fun. 

In every weather, wearing shorts is the easiest method to keep your little cub content and comfortable. The difficult part is keeping it in style. If you're having trouble deciding, choose simple designs or striking hues. At Cuddles for Cubs, we have the comfiest range of Top & Shorts sets with the most unique prints.

For Little Girls

Young girls adore unique colours and prints. Choose shorts with pockets and a lively print of Evil Eye or Unicorns so that your child can comfortably collect as many seashells as she can. This one is a good pick for a picnic in any season because of the excellent hems and high-quality elastic. These Shorts, which are 100% cotton, look comfortable and stylish with any top.

For Little Boys

Looking for something stylish yet comfortable that can match your child's upbeat personality? An alternative to the typical prints and patterns? Kids Shorts boys can add a little extra. Choose a pair of cute dragons Top & Shorts Set, which is the ultimate cuteness booster. Kids adore Top & Shorts so much, and it makes sense given that they add style to an ensemble overall and make your child happy all day.

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What are Cuddles for Cubs Top & Shorts Sets made of?

Our Top & Shorts Sets are made out of 100% cotton and in India.

How will I know if it will fit my child?

Please have a look at the size chart, it is available for each product on their respective product page.

Can I return the product?

We do not accept returns but we can definitely help you with an exchange.

Will the Top & Shorts Sets bleed colour or shrink when washed?

No, all our products are pre-washed, so there will be no shrinkage or loss of colour when washed.

Are the Top & Shorts Sets machine washable?

Yes. Our customer’s convenience is our top priority, so all our Top & Shorts Sets can be machine washed without any worry!