Sweatshirts For Kids

The winter season, kids’ favourite season is here! This implies that in addition to preparing yourself for the cold, you also need to make sure that your child is appropriately shielded from the chilly air. You may think about other equally feasible solutions, such as sweatshirts if you do not want to purchase any bulky woollens and coats that you will just have to keep in the back of the closet after winter is done and your child may outgrow before the year is out. 

Sweatshirts essentially began as sportswear for individuals to wear as a way to stay warm while engaging in everyday activity. Sweatshirts are now worn often throughout other times of the day in addition to being utilised as athletic clothing. Kids' sweatshirts are quite useful since they are less cumbersome to wear and store than woollen sweaters and lighter to carry than things like puffer jackets. Cuddles for Cubs’ premium collection of Kids' sweatshirts would make you wish they were also available for grownups. 

We have got the most iconic and comfy collection of kids’ sweatshirts. Trusted by over 30k parents, our sweatshirts are made from the comfy and soft looper knit fabric which keeps your cub warm and comfortable throughout the season.

Right from a feminine pink colored sweatshirt to  a dark forest green lively colored sweatshirt, we have got loads of variations. Searching for fun and comfy sweatshirts for boys and girls online? Well, we have got you! Buy the most comfy and cute sweatshirts for your little one now.


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Will this keep my child warm in extreme cold?

No, Our Sweatshirts and Joggers are great for layering, but we would suggest our WarmCub collection for the same!

How will I know if it will fit my child?

Please have a look at the size chart, it is available for each product on their respective product page.

Can I return the product?

We do not accept returns but we can definitely help you with an exchange.

Will the Sweatshirt and Joggers bleed colour or shrink when washed?

No, all our products are pre-washed, so there will be no shrinkage or loss of colour when washed.

Are the Sweatshirt and Joggers machine washable?

Yes. Our customer’s convenience is our top priority, so all our Top & Shorts Sets can be machine washed without any worry!