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Introducing the Baby Essentials: Perfect for Your Newborn's Needs

Welcome to Cuddles for Cubs, your ultimate destination for high-quality, comfortable clothing for babies and toddlers. We're excited to introduce our latest addition - the Baby Essentials category. Featuring our Jhabla pack, Frock pack, and Jhabla sets, this category caters specifically to newborns aged 0-1 years, making it an ideal choice for new parents.

The Comfort of Jhablas for Newborns

Our Jhablas for newborns are crafted with 100% cotton, a material renowned for its softness, comfort, and gentleness on your baby's skin. These traditional Indian garments have been a go-to choice for newborns for years. Our Jhabla packs come in a set of 2, making it effortless to dress your little one in style. Available in both half-sleeved and full-sleeved variants, we ensure your baby stays comfortable and cozy throughout the year.

Stylish Frock Packs for Baby Girls

The Frock pack in our Baby Essentials category includes a set of 2 frocks perfect for your little girl. Crafted with the same soft and breathable cotton material, these frocks come in beautiful designs that are both adorable and stylish. They're suitable for any occasion, whether you're taking your baby out for a stroll or attending a family gathering.

The Versatility of Jhabla Sets

If you're seeking a comprehensive set for your little one, our Jhabla sets are a perfect fit. These sets are designed with newborns in mind, offering maximum comfort and ease of movement.

Prioritizing Gentle and Soft Clothing for Newborns

At Cuddles for Cubs, we understand that newborns require gentle and soft clothing due to their delicate skin. That's why our Baby Essentials category only features the softest and most comfortable clothing for your baby. Our Jhabla packs, frock pack, and Jhabla sets are all designed to keep your baby cozy and comfortable all day long.


If you're searching for comfortable, high-quality, and stylish clothing for your newborn, Cuddles for Cubs' Baby Essentials category is the perfect place to shop. All our items, from Jhabla packs, to frock packs and Jhabla sets, are made with 100% cotton, ensuring your baby's comfort and coziness all day long. We take pride in offering the best Jhablas for newborns available online, simplifying shopping for new parents. Browse through our collection today and find the perfect clothing set for your newborn.

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What are Cuddles for Cubs Baby Essentials made of?

Our Baby Essentials are made out of 100% cotton in India.

What sizes are available for the Baby Essentials?

The sizes available for Baby Essentials are from 0 months - 12 months. It's important to check the size chart on the product page to ensure you get the right fit for your baby.

Can I return the product?

We do not accept returns but we can help you with an exchange.

How will I know if it will fit my child?

Please have a look at the size chart, it is available for each product on their respective product page.

Will the Baby Essentials bleed color or shrink when washed?

No, all our products are pre-washed, so there will be no shrinkage or loss of color when washed.