To the point:We all love to dress up our li’l ones in cute, vibrant clothes right from day one. And we have found just the brand for you parents to bag some of the cutest and colourful clothes for your babies. Parents meet Cuddles for Cubs, a Mumbai-based clothing brand that is breaking gender stereotypes in kids’ clothing.

Started by a brother-sister duo, Anushka Jhawar and Arjun Doshi, Cuddles for Cubs has 100% cotton loungewear and sleepwear collection for newborn babies to 6-year-olds and it features vibrant, colourful and gender-neutral outfits that can be worn at any time of the day. Their website doesn’t have a separate ‘Shop Girls’ or ‘Shop Boys’ section. Instead, it is by the ages and the kind of clothes.

Not at all dominated by pink outfits for girls and blue for boys, here you will find colours that will please you and your kiddo! They have an adorable sleepwear range like pyjama sets, sleep suits, onesies, jumpsuits, and more. They also have loungewear onesies, shorts, tops, and sets that are too too cute!

You should definitely check out the Coco’s Classics range which has crisp stripes and sophisticated solids. Anything you buy from here, we are sure your babies will be comfortable in and absolutely love wearing.

October 25, 2021 — Ting Works LLP