When you become a parent, everyone around you offers you a lot of tips and suggestions. But what no one prepares you for is the boatloads of laundry! As a parent to a newborn or infant, you’ll be surprised at how such a small person can produce so much dirty laundry. And then there are clothes that the little ones always outgrow. If you too are battling the laundry monster and wondering how you can make your kid’s clothes last longer, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s the only guide you need on caring for kidswear:

While Buying:

1)     Be mindful
Children, especially infants and toddlers, grow very quickly and thus outgrow their clothes quickly too. When buying kidswear for babies, only buy as much you need because chances are the clothes won’t fit them in a few weeks.

2)     Prioritise comfort
There’s no doubt that the “Watch Me Roll Crawl” onesie will look absolutely adorable on your cub. But is the fabric soft for their skin and is the fitting loose to not them make restricted? Give priority to your baby’s comfort over style while when you shop for baby clothes.

3)      Added features
Why say no to more? If your toddler is learning how to walk, you can go for sleepsuits with an anti-slip grip and no-contact zippers. If you are worried about harmful chemical dyes hurting your baby’s skin, you can research brands that offer kidswear with AZO-free dyes as well. 

While Washing:

1)      Remove tags and stickers
Before washing, look through the clothes and remove all tags, labels and especially stickers. Many stickers use adhesives which on coming in contact with water can leave stains on your clothes.

2)      Read and re-read the wash care label
And then read for the third time just to be sure. Some of your children’s clothes can be machine-washed, some need to be washed by hand while some may be dry-cleaned only. You can group clothes according to their wash-care instructions and do the laundry accordingly.

3)      Use mild-detergents
Use soft or mild detergents to wash your kid’s clothes to ensure that their skin isn’t irritated or aggravated.

4)      Air-dry
Do not twist or wring the clothes to dry them as that will stretch the clothes out of shape. Instead, hand the clothes in shade and let them dry naturally.


1)      Ironing
If your baby’s clothes have any frills, fancy buttons or prints, do not iron directly onto them. Turn the clothes inside out and use a lukewarm iron to even out any creases.

2)      Store carefully
Always sort clothes basis their use – daily wear, nightwear, special occasions wear, winter wear etc. and store them in different compartments. You can also have a separate bin/box for clothes your baby has outgrown. You can later donate these clothes to an orphanage or give them away as hand-me-downs.

With these simple tips, taking proper care of your child’s clothes is no longer a daunting task. You can also join various parenting forums or talk to other parents around you to exchange tips and suggestions on battling the laundry monster!


December 28, 2021 — Niyati Mittal