Winter Outfit Ideas For Kids

Winter Outfit Ideas For Kids: Guide for Parents

Winter Outfit Ideas For Kids Guide for Parents Cover Image - Cuddles for Cubs

Winter is here, and that means it's time for your kids to start thinking about what they're going to wear.

It can be tough to find the right winter outfit ideas for kids—especially when you're trying to keep them warm but also looking stylish. Here are some styles that will have everyone talking!

Winter Outfit Ideas for Kids:

  1. Sweatshirt under dungaree - You may have seen the 90s dungarees in your favorite movies or even on your favorite celebrities. Now it's time to bring them back!

The dungaree trend is making a comeback and we're not surprised. These are made out of denim which is a great kids winter outfit, and  keeps your little one warm. While our 100% cotton sweatshirts work as a great inner layer, the dungaree over it will set your kid apart.

Sweatshirts for Kids from Cuddles for Cubs

It is also functional because if the temperature spikes, you can always remove the dungaree and put on a pair of joggers.

  1. Denim over Sweatshirt - You know what's better than a denim jacket? A denim jacket with a shimmery unicorn chest print. Yeah, that's right. That's what we thought.

In fact, we'd go so far as to say that this is the perfect look for your little one—and for you, too! After all, who doesn't want their kid to be a cool cub? The answer is no one (unless they're actually a bear).

Endless Emoji Sweatshirt for kids from Cuddles for Cubs

So don't just get one of our Unicorn Glitter Print Sweatshirts/The Cool Cub Club Sweatshirts f for your little one. Then when they come home from school and put it on over their denim jacket (we know they will have one), they'll look so cute that even the other kids will have to admit: "That kid is cool."

  1. Co-ord sets/Sweatshirt and Jogger Sets - Co-ord sets are the most hassle-free, quick and stylish way to get a look that your cub will stand out. Whether you're going for an airport look or a fun playdate at home, our co-ords are the perfect choice.

Our most favorites have to be the Good Vibes Only Sweatshirt & Jogger Set featuring our famous Evil Eye Print and the Little Flippers Sweatshirt & Jogger Set.

Stylish Sweatshirts  for kids from Cuddles for Cubs

The best part? You can style them separately as well!

  1. Sweatshirt over collared Shirt - This look is just as classy as it is warm, so you'll be able to get your cub out of the house in style while also staying comfy. Layer the shirt over a plain or chest-printed sweatshirt, and make sure you leave the collars out!

We would definitely recommend our ActiveCub Sweatshirts or the ones with a chest print!

  1. Scarfs as an accessory - Scarves are great to protect your little ones from the cold winds in the winter but also double as an accessory. It is one of the easier to pair with any kids winter outfit and can be used for a longer time!

You can use them in so many ways, it's not just a scarf! You can wrap it around their neck or even drape it over your head like a hoodie. They're also great to put on if your kid takes off their coat, because they keep you warm without having to wear an extra layer of clothing.

Beautiful Sweatshirt for Kids from Cuddles for Cubs

If you're looking for something that will last long and give you a lot of use, scarves are definitely worth investing in!

The key takeaways from this blog are that layering is everything, and it's not just about what's on top. Your kids winter outfit is as good as the value of its layers! That way, you'll be able to put together an outfit that's going to keep them warm (and looking good) all winter long.

No matter what winter outfit ideas for kids you choose, Cuddles for Cubs kid's winter clothing is made of high quality materials that are going to keep them warm. They’re machine washable, so if they do get dirty, you can wash them easily. And last but not least, don't forget to make your cubs wear warm, comfortable shoes as well, so they can run around comfortably as they play.

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