Pink for girls. Blue for boys.
Dolls for girls. Trucks for boys.

We’ve all grown up listening to (and sometimes even following) these stereotypes. Whether it is colours, toys, books or clothes, gender distinction is visible in all aspects of a kid’s childhood. But has this always been the case?

Turns out, it hasn’t been. For the longest time, kids’ clothing had been unisex. It’s only after the 1980s (the decade when prenatal sex-determination technology became available) that the “this is for girls” and “this is for boys” divide became prominent. However, the past few years have seen a shift in this thinking.

The concept that a child’s likes or dislikes depend on their gender instead of their personality seems absurd, doesn’t it? What if a boy likes the colour pink or a girl simply loves cars? And these questions are what led to us at Cuddles For Cubs deciding to do gender-neutral kids’ wear.

Call them gender-neutral, unisex or gender-blind – the idea is to make clothes that just let children be children. Simply put, gender-neutral clothes are not made for specific gender and thus can be worn by any gender. There is no girls’ or boys’ section. Instead, they are clothes that look fabulous on every child.

Why Gender-Neutral Clothes Matter

A child’s brain is like a sponge, it absorbs everything going on around them. When they see some of these seemingly harmless gender stereotypes being reinforced via things around them, they start to believe in them. Little Aarav thinks that because girls cry while boys don’t, girls are weak. Little Arya grows up to believe that women can’t be rocket engineers because only boys’ clothes have rockets on them. Gender-neutral clothing lets your kid express themselves exactly how they choose to. They allow children to be their true selves, develop their own personalities and just be themselves, without feeling the pressure of their gender.

And that’s not it. Children are known to outgrow their clothes incredibly fast and having gender-neutral clothing means each piece can be passed down to siblings. This not only is economical but is also kinder to our planet as lesser clothing waste is generated.

How Does Cuddles For Cubs Promote Gender-Neutral Clothing For Kids?

We at Cuddles For Cubs want to encourage a genderless, imaginative childhood and empower every child to make their own choices without feeling inhibited. The goal is for conscious and forward-minded parents to inculcate a sense of limitless imagination and endless exploration in their children. And while all this seems like big words and heavy tasks, we plan to do it in a very simple way – by having fun.

We want our cubs to have fun while they wear our clothes and that’s only possible if our clothes are fun. Thus, we have a range of kids’ wear that features vibrant colours, quirky prints and can be worn by both girls and boys. Whether they choose to go with our Citrus Fruit Tie Dye print or our Aam So Cute print, all that really really matters is that they’re comfy, they’re happy and they believe that every colour is theirs.

September 06, 2021 — Ting Works LLP