An important day in the life of an expecting mother, right next to the day their child is born, is the day of the baby shower. There are no rules about when, where or who can host a baby shower – friends, sisters, aunts or anyone else close to the expecting mother can organise it on any day. However, there is one fundamental element to every baby shower – fun! Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning a baby shower:

Finalise the basics
Where, when and who are the three basic questions you’ll need to answer as you start planning a baby shower. Ideally, a baby shower is held in the seventh month – by then, the mom-to-be is far enough along to be showing and can also enjoy the day without getting too tired. After consulting the guest of honour aka, the expecting mom, you can fix the date, time, venue and guest list.

Decide a theme
Themed parties are the current trend – be it birthdays, anniversaries or even baby showers. Think of something that would add a personal touch for the mom-to-be and make her feel extra special. You can look at a party themed around some famous children’s books/movies or favourite books/movies of the mom-to-be.

Send the invites
Two’s a company, three’s a crowd and more than four is a party! You can customise invitations as per your theme and let the people on your guest list know about the event.

Plan the menu and décor
When planning a baby shower, make sure you finalise these details weeks in advance. The menu can be generic or can go with your overall party theme – however, it should include a few favourite dishes of the mom-to-be. It’s okay if the decorations aren’t too elaborate as long as the décor feels personal and welcoming.

Have fun
Baby shower games are perhaps the most important element of a baby shower party. An efficient way to plan for these games is by coming up with a rough timeline for the party – will the games happen before the gift opening or after the eating and drinking? Accordingly, you can plan for some fun activities that all guests and the mom-to-be can be involved in – decorating solid onesies for the baby or guessing the width of the tummy of the mom-to-be.

And remember, whether the baby shower party is big or small is insignificant. What matters the most is that the mom-to-be gets a baby shower she’ll never forget and makes memories that’ll stay with her for years to come.


September 23, 2021 — Amc Tinglabs