7 Amazing 1 Year Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home

7 Amazing 1 Year Baby Photoshoot Ideas at Home - Cuddles for Cubs

The first year of your baby’s life is always a special time. It’s a journey full of learning, milestones, and joy. And when the time comes to document it, you may want to think about doing so in an unconventional way. Why not do something fun and unique?

These days there are plenty of options that don’t involve running around town at all hours. These 1 year baby photoshoot ideas at home are perfect for parents who want an alternative to traditional portraits that capture their baby in their home environment—and it doesn’t have to break the bank either! You can try to capture them with the games they love to play.

So even if you don't usually like photography, this may be one thing that will make you reconsider your feelings about it!

Must Try 1 Year Baby Photoshoot Ideas

Favorite Show

If you’re planning a 1 year baby girl photoshoot ideas at home and love Game of Thrones, dress up your little one as Khaleesi, or get creative and use props like dragons and swords to create your own unique setting.

If your little one loves The Muppets, go all out with a colourful scene based on Miss Piggy’s mansion. Or if you love Star Wars, take inspiration from Yoda himself and go green!


For this photo shoot, you can dress up your baby as a doctor, teacher, marketer or whichever profession you're in. If you want to take it up a notch, get some props and set up a makeshift office or classroom in your house.

Make your child play in the bathtub

Babies love water and bath time! So, get creative with your bath time photos by making your child play in the tub! You can place toys like rubber ducks, boats!  This will be a fun way for them to interact with each other as well as get some great photos taken by you!

All favorite toys in the past year

For your 1 year baby boy photoshoot ideas at home, do a shoot with your child's favorite toys in the last  year. This can be anything from their favorite doll, toy car or even a kitchen utensil like a spoon or fork!

Be a part of the shoot

Your little one turning one is a celebration of your parenthood journey as well! So do not forget to get family shots(better if it is based on a theme)! If possible, try doing a shoot with grandparents as well.

Images of monthly photoshoots

If you’ve done monthly photoshoots as well, lay down images of each month chronologically and in the 12th month keep your little one! It will be adorable to see how he/she has grown up over the year!

Let your cubs be themselves

It’s always fun to do a shoot with props but the fondest memories of your cub will be captured when they’re just playing around and being themselves. Do not forget to capture those small moments!


Overall, it’s great that baby photography is becoming more accessible and affordable to everyone. Now, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on hiring a professional photographer or even spend time and energy in finding one!

The best part is that if you have the right equipment and some creative ideas, you can take beautiful baby photos at home with your own camera.

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