Sounds strange, but going on an official ‘diet’ could derail your post pregnancy weight loss goals. Depriving yourself of your favourite foods while on taking on your new role as mom could actually lead to weight gain. Eat a well balanced diet with a variety of foods. Snack on apple slices, carrot sticks and wheat crackers.

We’ve made a checklist for pregnant and new moms!

Load Up on Super Foods

Heavy in nutrients and light in calories and far. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acid helps your new born develop a healthy brain and nervous system. High calcium rich foods are needed to keep your bones strong. Don’t forget protein, they’ll keep you feeling full for longer.


Studies find breast feeding can help return to pre-pregnancy weight faster. It is good for both the mother and baby, boosting immunity and a host of important health benefits.

Drink Up

Plenty of water, prevents dehydration and also fills you up so you don’t eat much and also speeds up your metabolism.

Move It

Together with eating all of the right foods, incorporate aerobics and strength training to burn calories and keep muscles and bones strong. Exercise helps with depression, sleep issues and in relieving stress. Ask your doctor when you are ready to exercise especially when you have had a C-section.

Get Sleep

‘Sleep while your baby sleeps’ is good advice. Nap whenever possible in the day and go early to bed.