Start early.

Let your child accompany you when you go shopping for fruits and vegetables. As they walk around the market with you, show them the different colours and let them watch you select fruits and vegetables based on ripeness and colour. You should also explain to them the concept of weight since this will directly correlate with science concepts taught in school.

Ask the grocer or shop owner to explain which fruit is good so this process becomes fun and educational! I used to take my children grocery shopping and I realized they value their every meal on the table just because they know where fruits and vegetables come from.

In the kitchen, use a cookie cutter giving them the opportunity to discover various shapes and sizes through fruit. Remind them that different colours often signify different vitamins. For example, a lemon and orange contains Vitamin C! Showing them a variety of fruits will also remind them to be open to trying new fruits in the future. Try to buy seasonable produce and preferably that which is locally available. If your kids are old enough, involve them in cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables. However, make sure you are always supervising them.

On holiday, fruit-picking is a wonderful activity! Since my family is based in Mumbai, during the winter we would drive up to Mahabaleshwar and indulge in strawberry picking. This was a great opportunity for my kids to bond with each other and also learn about farming.

Remember, you (Mom or Dad) must always lead by example. Both of you should eat the same food which you are serving your child. Being a positive role model when it comes to nutrition will help your children become aware of the importance of eating healthy food. At times you might feel your children are very picky. That’s okay! Don’t force feed. It can often take 10-15 tries before your child is willing to accept a new food. So don’t give up!